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The Ultimate Website Tracking Setup

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The Ultimate Website Tracking Setup

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Geo Tie LLC will setup Conversion Tracking on your website, with advance mouse and event tracking.

  • Lead Registration
  • Form Submission
  • Mail Subscriber
  • Phone-Calls & E-mail Id Clicks

Track visitor events like clicks, video engagement, and form submissions.

Works on Wordpress Websites & Shopify Websites

Advance Tracking
Create A Funnel - See how many visitors went from the product page > cart page > checkout page > thank you page (get advance reporting)

See the number of phone calls goals from desktop, mobile and tablet

Start Tracking Your Website With Advance Goal Tracking

  • Conversion tracking
  • Goal tracking setup
  • Enhanced e-commerce
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Custom Event tracking
  • AdWords conversion/dynamic remarketing
  • Facebook tracking (standard and custom conversions)

We know that many businesses spend a lot of time to market their products and services. However, what about actually understanding what works and what doesn’t? Geo Tie is home to marketing experts who can help set up conversion tracking on your website, which can help you more insight into your business than ever before. If you are serious about optimizing your marketing strategy, you should ensure that your website is tracking conversion as much as possible.

At Geo Tie, we know that there are many different ways to track metrics that could prove useful to business owners of all kinds. Some entrepreneurs want to understand how and why visitors come to their website, while other business owners may be more concerned with figuring out why a particular call to action is effective. Here are some ways in which Geo Tie can help set up conversion tracking, whether you have a WordPress website, a Shopify website, or a website of any kind! 

Form Submissions

One of the most critical aspects of business is understanding how and why your business is converting visitors into actual paying customers. Geo Tie can help when it comes to β€œform submission”, meaning that entrepreneurs and business owners can actually trace referrers back to their origin. We can also track other forms on your website to determine which form is tracking better.

Geo Tie experts understand that Google Ads and Facebook Ads are some of the most popular ways to advertise a business. We can use the metrics from these form submissions to find out more about which ads are converting, which can give you valuable insight into your consumers and the markets in general. 

Conversion Tracking

One of the best ways to market your products or services is to understand where you should focus your efforts. Our conversion tracking experts can help determine whether you are getting contacted through phone tracking or e-mail tracking, helping business owners refine their marketing strategies.

Our Geo Tie experts can ensure that you get all relevant information regarding clicks, engagement, form submissions, and more.  

Cross-Domain Tracking

We also understand that there are situations where you might want to map out the customer journey better, and cross-domain tracking can help entrepreneurs and marketers get a closer look. Cross-domain tracking involves analytics that track multiple domains at a time. This is particularly useful for ecommerce entrepreneurs with third-party shopping carts.

Custom Event Tracking

Geo Tie is focused on reporting analytics that can help your business significantly, and there are few metrics more important to conversion than custom event tracking. For those unaware, an β€œevent” could mean a variety of different things in ecommerce: it might mean clicking on a landing page, visiting specific pages, or spending a certain amount of time on a session.

Many entrepreneurs focus on clicking on a β€œcall to action” as a significant event, but Geo Tie experts can help set up custom event tracking for your website and walk you through the process. Find out more here: 

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