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There are many ways for companies to attract customers, and it can take a variety of marketing strategies to reach the consumer finally. However, the work isn’t done at that point. What if a consumer is interested in your products or services but want to ask a couple of more questions before placing an order?

Geotie can help you with B2B and B2C live chat leads, and our trained chat agents could end up leading to more revenue for your business. If you are interested in getting 24/7 leads, contact Geotie so we can help you grow your business today!

Information About Services

We offer both B2B and B2C live chat leads, but the prices do vary based on a few variables. For a business to business live chat conversation, Geotie charges $50. If you are interested in business to customer live chat leads, we charge $25 per conversation. Our trained chat agents will screen each live chat conversation, and obtain the visitor’s name, email address, phone number, and the service that they are looking for. We do have multiple pricing options, so contact us for more information.

Geotie can help make sure that your business stays on top of its leads, and our trained chat agents do a lot more than ask for necessary information. The real-time live chat leads also include information about whether the potential customer is in your coverage area or practice area, as well. 

Why Choose Geotie?

Your business has to be open 24/7 to any real-time live chat leads. One of the reasons why so many businesses choose Geotie is because all chat leads are delivered via email as a transcript to all of our clients as soon as possible. We can genuinely help you get more leads, which means that we can improve your organization’s ROI (return on investment). The leads can be delivered by either email or text.

Customers can also share files and pictures with our trained chat agents, which is great for companies trying to handle customer issues or concerns. Whether you require videos or pictures to be shared, Geotie supports this file sharing in our live chats leads service. We can also scale agents as your business scales, which is one reason we are superior to free software that focuses on live chat leads.


Technology has caused businesses to evolve significantly, and we understand the need to keep up with the times. There are now consumers that can order products to their home just by pressing a smart button. That’s one of the reasons why Geotie can handle live chat leads on all devices. Whether your company focuses on mobile leads or desktop leads, Geotie can support and facilitate live chat leads on desktop, PC, tablet, and mobile.

Live chat leads can lead to real revenue, no matter what kind of devices your customers use. We have helped all sorts of businesses improve their conversion rates by as much as 30% to 40%!

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