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Facebook Ads Management
Facebook Ads Management
Facebook Ads Management
Facebook Ads Management
Facebook Ads Management
Facebook Ads Management
  • Description - How Does it Works?

    What You Will Get (Standard & Premium):

    • Campaign creation.
    • Ad set creation.
    • Ads creation (with the use of your images/videos)
    • Custom, interests, and lookalike audiences research and setup.
    • Demographic audience setup
    • Facebook Pixel installation for Wordpress, Shopify etc
    • Retargeting ADS to maximize your ROI
    • Campaign Optimisation


    Facebook Ads Management

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    Why should you use Facebook Ads?

    • Job Title Targeting
    • Household income Targeting
    • Retargeting Website Visitors
    • Lead Gen Form Submissions
    • Live Chat Leads
    • B2B Leads
    • B2C Leads
    • eCommerce Purchases
    • Your competitors are using it

    What will you get?

    • A/B testing
    • Ad Content
    • Ad Graphics
    • Campaigns targeting both cold and hot traffic
    • Campaigns with multiple objectives which FB offers to find the best ones
    • Pixel Tracking / Website Events
    • Lookalike audiences
    • Ads placement on both Facebook & Instagram

    Facebook Ad Management

    At Geotie, we believe that Facebook is an extremely important way to market your services. There are billions of people that are active on the social media platform each month, and there is no reason to delay building a Facebook ad management campaign. We are here to help understand your unique needs and create a Facebook ad management strategy that makes sense for your goals.

    Don’t ignore the opportunities that Facebook offers with respect to business. It’s an incredible way to drive more leads and sales to your business, no matter your sector or industry. It can also be a useful tool when it comes to re-targeting consumers or targeting consumers based on demographic information like household income, gender, location, and more.

    Here are some ways that the Facebook advertising experts at Geotie can help.

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    Ad Content and Graphics

    Content marketing is one of the most successful ways to market a product or service, and it’s the reason why billions of dollars are spent on it every year. We can handle all of your ad content and ad graphics needs to convey the right message to your consumers. We get the importance of using the right words and pictures for your Facebook ad management strategy, and we commit to always exceeding client expectations.

    There are countless local businesses that benefit from geo-targeting Facebook ad management strategies, but what about finding the right content or graphics to convert the customers who see them? It also might involve using the right keywords, creative analysis, and more. Let our Facebook advertising experts help you generate more revenue than ever before!

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    A/B Testing

    If you are serious about upgrading your business’s marketing, you should be consulting with Facebook advertising experts that are willing to try out different content, layouts, and strategies. Our A/B testing can help ensure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to brand messaging. A/B testing can help make sure that your Facebook ad management is as effective as possible based on your target market.

    A/B testing is a great way to not only keep costs down, but you can also gain more insight through the different variables and metrics that you choose. Of course, you can also learn a lot more about which ads convert, and why, which can help refine your Facebook ad management strategy.

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    Tracking Metrics

    What about figuring out how successful your Facebook ad management strategies are? At Geotie, we can help track the important metrics that you might be focusing on, whether you are aiming for page likes or follows, engagement, or click-through rate optimization. Some companies might be more interested in website referral traffic, as well.

    The great thing about our Facebook advertising experts is that we not only target consumers based on their demographic, interests, and more - but we also work to make sure to examine performance metrics and figure out how to improve them consistently. At Geotie, believe that the right Facebook ad management campaign could mean long-term success for your organization.

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