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Geo Tie LLC Marketing - Jan 21, 2021

Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Business Trademarked

Most marketplaces are oversaturated, which is why it’s crucial to trademark your business.

Having your business trademarked gives it a unique advantage over the competition. It makes your brand name more identifiable compared to those that aren’t trademarked, symbolically, or textually.

But that’s not all a trademark can do for your business. Listed below are the top seven reasons to get your business trademarked today:

1 It Serves as a National Advertisement

Trademarks translate very well on both a national and global scale. When you register your trademark, you’re creating a symbol that transcends state lines and languages.

Everyone recognizes the Nike “swoosh” logo and textual trademarks such as the writing on a Coca-Cola bottle. Your trademark symbol represents your brand’s message—everywhere it’s seen.

2 It Offers Protection 

Without a trademark, anyone can come in, copy your business name, ideas, and brand identity. Trademarking your businesses legally protects what you’ve created from being stolen and marketed.

Additionally, if you infringe on someone else’s business name, you run the risk of legal repercussions. You could be forced to forfeit your business name and profits gained under that name. You may even have to pay punitive damages, fines, and attorney fees. A registered trademark protects you from all of this.

3 It’s Verifiable Via Social Media 

Everything is communicated through social media platforms these days. As a business, you need to not only participate in social media engagement, but your business must be authenticated through each platform.

A registered trademark shows your brand’s authenticity, making the verification process much more straightforward.

4 It Works Fast 

Trademarks work quickly in two ways. The first is the time it takes for your trademark to process, which is between three and six months.

The second is the time it takes for your target audience to register what they’re seeing when they look at your trademark—whether it be a logo or symbol. Our brains pay the most attention to our visual perceptions, making your trademark the fastest way to convey your message to your consumers.

Trademarks cut time in half, and time is money!

5 It Creates a Community

Registering yourself as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) only preserves your business name locally. If you end up having to change your business name because someone out of state is using the same name, you’ll end up confusing your customer base and potentially losing them.

Trademarking your business not only legitimizes your name beyond state lines but also your brand identity. When people relate to your brand identity—and you’re offering a solid product or service—it creates a community of loyal customers that are willing to continuously invest in what you’re offering simply because your name or logo is involved.

6 It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Under Google’s rules and regulations, no one can infringe upon trademarked ads. That means no one can create ads against your business or advertise your name without your consent.

It’ll also give you a leg up on the competition on Amazon. Amazon has a brand registry for eligible trademarks, which allows you to get your own product listing page. Best of all, you get more control over your listings, including being able to kick other sellers off your product page.

7 It’s Forever 

Arguably the most noteworthy fact about trademarks is that they never legally expire. As long as you’re in business, your trademark is permanent.

Trademarking your business is the second smartest thing you can do next to starting your own business. Of course, once you’ve registered your trademark, you’ll need to start marketing it properly.

We can help you with that. Contact us today to learn more about how to market and advertise your newly trademarked business.

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